Hello World !

I am  PaccuJay, also known as Francis Joseph, I am an artist based in London. I have decided to take things into the next stage, through showcasing my art via this blog.

Why did I choose to name myself PaccuJay ? Because I want the source of my art to be merged with a separate entity, focussing the attention away from myself.

Why is the title of my blog PaccuJayIDareSay ? Because, I didn’t want to go for a obvious name such as simply, “PaccuJay.com” but after thinking long and hard, couldn’t come up with a new name, and in my head I was thinking, Dare I Say, I’ll end up using PaccuJay…then I was like wow, let me just go with this..so yeah that’s the story.”PaccuJayIDareSay” !

How did I come up wit the actual name, PaccuJay ? Well, I didn’t want a name that exists so I sorta made one up merging two things together and I ended up with PaccuJay.

So what can you expect from here on out ?

Just art from me, maybe some thoughts, and other news relating to my day to day activities. !

Peace !


The logo’s tally mark represent perseverance, as I found it difficult getting to this stage as an artist, I believe I have a ways to go, hopefully you can join me on my journey !